Tuolumne trip wildflowers

Cow Parsnip, Coneflower and Lupine at the gas station at Crane Flat and a close-up of a Coneflower and Cow Parsnip.

cow parsnip, coneflower and lupine, Crane Flat: Coneflower: Cow Parsnip:

Pussypaws can be found in dry areas like Olmstead Point or the pink ones below from near the top of Mount Hoffman. When it first opens up it is light green, as in this first picture with some lupine, then it becomes pink:

lupine and early light green pussypaws: Pussypaws:

Penstemon growing from a crack in a rock on the Mount Hoffman trail. The hike is at: May Lake to Mount Hoffman

Penstemon growing from a crack in a rock:

Sulphur Flower and Penstemon on Mt Hoffman

Sulphur Flower and Penstemon on Mt Hoffman, Yosemite:

Sulphur Flower on Mt Hoffman

Sulphur Flower on Mt Hoffman:

Phlox and Sulphur Flower on Mt Hoffman

Phlox and Sulphur Flower on Mt Hoffman:

Columbine and Monkeyflower as well as Groundsel along the trail to Mount Hoffman in August

Columbine and Monkeyflower: Groundsel:

Lupine along the Tuolumne river at the World’s greatest swimming hole

swim hole and Lupine:

Wild Iris elsewhere along the river:

wild Iris Tuolumne:

Flowers along the road from Crane Flat to Tuolumne around the time of the summer solstice:

pussypaws and: Penstemon paintbrush and:

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