WSI Red Cross Water Safety Instructor extra reading


Fifty ways to praise your swim students OR HOW TO NOT SAY “GOOD” FIFTY TIMES IN ONE SWIMMING LESSON

pool toys

swim class safety rules includes a long discussion of issues/deaths due to hypoxic training (prolonged breath holding)

neighborhood watch applied to swim centers

emergency action plan for a coach or swim instructor If you have not yet had your local fire stations come out to your pools, you should arrange for it as a part of whatever pre-swim season (or during the season) in-service training you have.

Giant bubble rings ! how to blow giant bubble rings in a swimming pool

Swim classes (and also appropriate for WSIs)

The History of Swimming section of the curriculum for swim classes at De Anza College.

The swim vocabulary page has been linked to by various English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors, including an upper level secondary school in France.

swim workout vocabulary

why you should wear a lifejacket

Preventative Lifeguarding has notes from various staff manuals, personal experiences and the Red Cross texts. It includes UNSAFE PRACTICES or potential problems TO WATCH FOR, areas where most accidents occur and disciplinary action for minor and major infractions.

NOT RESCUE READY is photos of lifeguards on duty who were not ready to rescue (the photos can be slow to load)


reading on preventing swimmer’s ear:


The American Cancer Society has skin cancer prevention info at:


It wasn’t just an urban rumor. An article from the Consumer Product Safety Commission referencing hair entanglement, entrapment and disembowelment associated with spas:

and see has what percentage of speech reading (reading lips) by deaf people is understood (about one third of spoken words are understood) and practical suggestions for effective communication