Yosemite winter 2004 camping trip

Half Dome sunset Jan 31 2004: HalfDomesunsetwithmoon 140 pxl:

Group photo the last morning (four people still sound asleep or simply refusing to get out of their warm sleeping bags):

group photo winter 2004:

Our group included first time campers. We were 17, 17, 18, 18, 19, 19, 19, 19, 20, 20, 20, 21, 21, 21, 23, 23, 24, 24, 24, 25, 25, 26, 27, 29, 29, 29, 30, 31, 33, 33, 33, 53 and 55 years old.



Chores as we moved into the site on Friday included

walking back and forth to create paths through the snow from tents to campfire areas and restrooms, especially for easier walking after dark,

making path in snow:

and clearing snow/ice from the top of picnic tables, sometimes needing a hatchet as well as a shovel.

clearingsnowofftable 160 pxls:

People helped each other pitch tents. When one carload arrived well after dark, the dining canopy used as a front porch below was moved to over where a two-person tent was being pitched to keep the light rain off the tent and its occupants while it was being pitched.

diningcanopyfrontporch 120 160 pxls: 2004 winter campsite:

One guy didn’t follow the advice at Snow or rain camp must-haves.

Before rain soaked through this tent we found room in a better tent for him.

not a good winter tent 120 pxls:

for more camping mistakes go to:
Camping Blunders



Saturday had various groups doing hikes, seeing museums or skiing and snowboarding.

snowboarding2004 180 pxl: fallenskier2004 200 pxl:

Snowboarding photo by Ernie Moreno. Fallen skier by Robert Campbell.

hikers winter 2004 by Wendy Sato: Vernal Fall from Clark Point, winter by Sudharsan Sripadham:

hikers photo from Wendy Sato, Vernal Fall photo by Sudharsan Sripadham



ice skaters photo below by who? (from Sud’s photo page)

ice skaters from Sud's photo page:



Saturday evening was spent having campfires, listening to guitar players, playing Charades and board games. After the campground quiet hour of 10 p.m. many people went on a night hike to Mirror meadow, linking arms in groups of four to six people to keep from slipping on the ice on the trail, a former road. Overnight the temperatures stayed in the low thirties, as opposed to previous trips when they were in the teens. Did one group actually stay up by their campfire until 3 a.m.?

guitar 2004 winter: campfire 2004 winter:
charades 2004 winter: board game 2004 winter:



As expected, we had coyotes in the campsites.

Yosemite coyote feb 2004: coyote in campsite 2004:

coyote and human prints:


Sleeping accommodations were mostly individual one or two person tents and eight-person capacity tents the club owns. One group didn’t use the advice at First-timer’s instructions to leave some tent zippers open for ventilation and as a result their steamy breath overnight soaked the tent walls and dampened their sleeping bags.

2004winterstillasleep 160 120 pxls: wakeupcookieswinter2004 160 pxl:

slept in car 2004 winter: good morning 2004 winter:



Last morning packing up included some fast tent cleaning.

fast way to clean out a tent:



a snow crested antenna ball and one of the reasons the Crane Flat gas station is self-serve.

antenna ball 2004 winter: self serve gas:


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