Tuolumne Meadows group campsites map and pictures

Print a copy of the Tuolumne Meadows campground map at:


Here is part of it with the route to the group campsites:

tuolumne campground map group sites area: map with road, campground and part of a river

Please note that the group sites do not allow pets and groups are not allowed to park motor homes, trailers, campers or other recreational vehicles in group camp parking areas.

Our trips webpage is at: Tuolumne Meadows. The page includes details about what you will find on the route to Tuolumne, the shuttle bus, food, stores, etc.

Driving directions from Silicon Valley to Tuolumne Meadows are at
San Jose area to Yosemite via 120

Map below courtesy of NPS

Tuolumne Meadows map 400 pxls:

Tuolumne group site C:

Tuolume group site C:

Tuolumne group site D:

Tuolumne group site D:

Tuolumne group site E:

Tuolumne group site E:

Tuolumne group site F:

group site F Tuolumne meadows:

Tuolumne group site G:

group site G Tuolumne meadows:

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Tuolumne trip

Tuolumne trip wildflowers