AED locations at De Anza College

The De Anza College campus has three models of AEDs.

You can find descriptions of them and how to use them at AED quick facts.

and see also details about How To Call 911, which is always the first step when using an AED.
the page includes
what to do if you dial 911 by mistake
advice for using a cell phone
times to NOT call 911
and the answer to the question; “Why Shouldn’t I Just Drive the Patient Myself” instead of getting an ambulance


Below are photos of most of the locations of the AEDs .

A map of De Anza College, Cupertino, California, showing locations of many of the Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can be found at:

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(When you look at these first photos of the AEDs accessible 24 hours a day,
you are looking for a white box with a red AED container in it.)


on a pillar outside the east entrance to the library, facing the main quad (biggest fountain)

A E D outside library at De Anza College


on a pillar outside the north side of the L7 building facing the L quad fountain

a e d on pillar outside of L7 building at De Anza College

on a pillar outside the division office for Physical Sciences, Math and Engineering, facing the large grassy area

a e d on pillar outside division office for physical sciences, math and engineering at De Anza College


on a pillar outside the north entrance (facing staff parking lot A and Stevens Creek Blvd.) to the Registration and Student Services building (previously known as the the Student and Community Services building), (bookstore, counseling, Admissions and Records), see map of these offices, steps away from the Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC)

a e d at north side of community and student services building at De Anza College
on the wall of (Science Center) SC2 facing the courtyard (outdoor garden classroom) you can just see the white AED logo sign with the red symbol and below it the white side of the wall container for the aed

a e d on wall outside Science Center 2 building at De Anza College


on the left hand side of the photo below you can see the AED on a wall outside the northwest entrance to the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies, opposite the softball and baseball fields and the southeast end of the stadium and track.

a e d on wall outside Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies at De Anza College
on a wall outside the Adapted P.E. gym, P.E. 13, at the north-east corner of the building, opposite the south-west corner of the Forum building

a e d outside adaptive P.E. gym at De Anza College


on a wall at the south-east end of the swimming pool (shallow end, where some Adapted PE classes and novice swim classes are taught)


The model originally put at the pool deck is a little bit different than most. To turn it on you pull where it says “PULL” and when that lid lifts off you will find the pads already attached to the machine.
(Many other models have you plug in the connector for the pads.)

heart start AED

Again, the De Anza College campus has three models of AEDs. You can find descriptions of them and how to use them at AED quick facts.



There are other AEDs located inside buildings
that are not accessible to everyone 24 hours a day

There is an AED inside the Campus Police Office (FHDA District Police, De Anza Substation) and inside the Health Services office, both on the lower floor of the Campus Center, east side, as well as one in each campus police car.

There is an AED inside the Flint Center for Performing Arts.

There is an AED with the athletic trainers on the south side of PE6, facing the stadium.


This next location may be changed due to remodeling:
As you walk into the front entrance of the Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Center , on the level above the pools, the AED is on a wall directly in front of you.

a e d inside Wellness Center at De Anza College


There is an AED inside the PE Division office. In the photo below, the office door is the center one on the upper level. To find the AED, go in the office door, turn right, then left. The AED is in a bracket (not in a case) on the wall opposite the refrigerator.

west end of pool complex at De Anza College showing part of the diving well and an upstairs hallway


AED quick facts includes basic instructions for using more than one model of AED
(all models we have at De Anza College).



Most people are not prepared for the eventually coming big earthquake, but there are low-cost, easy things you can do today.

earthquake preparedness

toppled brick chimney USGS photo:


De Anza offers a first aid class
with an optional Red Cross certification,
and a free download of the text book HLTH57A




AED Trips a Canine Alarm

Last fall, the automated external defibrillator (AED) used by the Atlanta Braves created quite a stir when the team traveled to play the New York Mets.

John D. Cantwell, MD, an Atlanta cardiologist and a team physician for the Braves, recounts how the team and all its equipment had to pass a security clearance because of controversy surrounding Braves pitcher John Rocker. (Rocker’s inflammatory comments had been widely quoted.) “Everything cleared, then our equipment started beeping, and the bomb-sniffing dogs went ballistic,” Cantwell says. “It was the AED signaling that its battery was low.”

The moral: When traveling, make sure AEDs are fully powered, especially around bomb-sniffing dogs.