P.E. Classes FAQs

Do I need to bring my gear the first day?

The first day of classes at De Anza has a large amount of paperwork to be done. For MOST weekday classes this means the instructor will go over the course syllabus, take roll, do adds and not really have enough time for a lot of instruction. For MOST weekend or evening classes, which are held only once a week for longer sessions each time, the class will have time to get in the pool, get out on the courts, etc. SUMMER quarter is an exception since it runs for fewer weeks with longer class sessions each time, so many classes do swim or play the first day. In any case it’s wise to bring your shoes, shorts, hat or swimsuit, and towels, etc. because each instructor does things differently. But don’t spend money on new technical gear until you have been to most beginner’s classes and heard what the instructor wants you to get. Some De Anza classes provide some of the equipment you will need.

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Where it lists a prerequisite, does that mean I have to have taken the De Anza prerequisite class before?

In the case of some De Anza courses, the prerequisites are literally required. For swim classes and most De Anza Physical Education classes, you only need have the skills of someone who has taken the preceding course. Some instructors will give a simple swim test or other test of some sort to judge if your abilities are sufficient.

In the space for the faculty member’s last name what does “STAFF” really mean?

The class was not formally assigned at the time the schedule of classes went to print. It does not mean that there will be various staff members teaching the class over the course of the quarter. Sometimes you can find out the name of the instructor on the website schedule of classes.

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How do I get a locker?

How to get a P.E. locker at De Anza College

Where can I get info about De Anza teams?

Go to: http://www.deanza.edu/athletics/

De Anza College home games also has links to student recitals, dance performances, art exhibitions and more.

What does it mean to ask for a P/NP grade?

P/NP (Pass/No pass) is explained in detail in the policies section of the schedule of classes, usually in the last few pages, and in the current De Anza catalog.

For some classes it is how the class is designated, such as the CPR recertification class, Health 57D. No student can get a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F), everyone either passes or doesn’t.

For most De Anza classes, if a student doesn’t want to try for a letter grade they need to do it shortly into the quarter (there is a deadline!). There are limits on how many units of P/NP can be applied to an A.A. degree.

You don’t need permission of the instructor. You choose this online at My Portal, the teacher does not do it.

It has been the experience of this instructor that some students who opt for P/NP think it will make their lives easier and they don’t try as hard. As a result, some get a N/P because they miss classes or don’t do the work needed. So my advice is to consider your own motivation before you apply for a P/NP, and be sure you do enough work to get that passing grade.

When I tried to enroll I was put on the “WAIT LIST.” How do I get moved to the enrolled list?

Attend class the first day and see what happens.

If a student who is enrolled does not attend the first class meeting, or if they are too late, the instructor has the option to drop them from class to accommodate students on waiting lists.

Some people will be enrolled in the wrong class because they belong in a more advanced class so they will be dropped. Some people may be enrolled in the wrong class because they don’t have enough skill and will be told to take a lower level class. Sometimes the instructor may decide to take more people than the standard maximum enrollment (if the instructor has volunteer teaching assistants, for example).

Some people tell me they have tried more than once to get into my novice swim class, but are always too low on the waitlist. They have never taken any De Anza classes, so they have no priority for registration. I recommend they take other De Anza classes so they will be ‘continuing’ students instead of ‘new’ students the next time they register and will have an earlier registration date. At the very least attend class the first day to see if you can get in.

see also: wait lists, adds, drops


Where can I find answers to questions about swim classes?

Go to Swim classes FAQs

I can’t float, can I learn to swim?
I’ve never been in a swimming pool, can I learn to swim?

KNES 1A is the Novice swimming class at De Anza. It’s the class for adult non-swimmers, or people who just are not comfortable in deep water. For info about the class click on these links:

Novice swimming

Novice Swim FAQs

Letters from novice students

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The campus newspaper first issue for Fall 2003 asked students:

What did you wish you knew when you first came to De Anza?

One answered:

“The swimming program has a really good staff. Take advantage of the facilities we have. Set your goals and go for them!”


answers to the questions: What is the Wellness Center? and Can anyone work out in the Wellness Center? are at:

Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Center

What will I be taught in (fill in the blank) class?

You can read the curriculum (course outline or course content, usually designed by a division and reviewed and approved by the college) for any De Anza class at: http://ecms.deanza.edu/deptoutlinespublic.html

When are the holidays, last day to add, last day to…?

Go to: http://www.deanza.fhda.edu/calendar/

Some of the physical education certification programs require a first aid certification card. Can I get this at De Anza?

For info go to Health 57A

Where is SUNMU or BRNSWK?

These are off-campus locations for PE classes. Go to the campus map
at: http://www.deanza.fhda.edu/map/ and click on Off-campus locations

Where are the pools?

Just about in the center of the campus. See: how to find the swimming pools at De Anza College.

How do I enroll at De Anza?

Registration steps are at: http://www.deanza.fhda.edu/admissions/

Can athletes donate blood?

Part of winning is feeling that you are the best. Donating blood can give you a big personal lift, just from knowing you saved up to three lives. But maybe you shouldn’t donate just before a big game. Get the answers at: Blood donation FAQs.

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How can I tell if I’m in good shape?

Our text for P.E. classes, Fit & Well, has lots of laboratory activites, including tests to assess your current level of cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular strength. For fun you might want to compare yourself to a Navy SEAL candidate. The test is in How can I tell if I’m a good swimmer?

I don’t have enough time to exercise, how can I make extra time?

Try the ideas at Sneaking exercise.


After my workout, what is there to eat on campus?

Go to:


But stay away from the colas and soda! An article in the San Francisco Chronicle of April 4, 2003 said, in part:

“Soda consumption has been clearly linked to increased broken bones, obesity and osteoporosis. A Harvard School of Public Health study found that physically active teenage girls who were soda drinkers were three times more likely to break bones than their teammates who shunned carbonated drinks. For cola drinkers, the risk was five times greater, according to the study (Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent medicine; June 2000).”

Buy or bring your own water, 100% fruit juice or milk.

More students qualify for financial aid than use it or even know they qualify. There are enrollment fee waivers you can apply for online which take about a week to get an answer. For all the details go to:

De Anza College offers many scholarships, some of which have few applicants!

Check out the loot: