Cascade Canyon wildflowers

All along the Cascade Canyon trail in Grand Teton National Park you will find wildflowers. These pictures were taken in late June.


Penstemon in the Tetons: two colors of Penstemon:

Silky Phacelia and Columbine:

Silky Phacelia and Columbine: mass of Silky Phacelia and Columbine:

Western Serviceberry: (will have scarlet leaves on a fall hike)

Western Serviceberry: Serviceberry bush:

Cascade Mountain Ash:

Cascade Mountain Ash: Mountain Ash along Cascade Creek:

Fluttering through these flowers you will see various swallowtail (2 3/4″ black and yellow) butterflies and just over 1″ white butterflies with orange at the outside top edge of their wings…Sara Orangetip.

In Fall, the blue flowers of Asters jump out at you from among those with red and yellow leaves:

aster Cascade Canyon: leaves red pink yellow:
gold aspen leaves and clouds: Mountain Ash berries:

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May we recommend..

Plants of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, by Richard J. Shaw has most of them. The photo of the Lady’s Thumb Knotweed (an aquatic plant) we saw blooming on the edges of some lakes in September, giving the impression of a pink mist floating on the water, isn’t half as pretty in the book as in real life.

Plants of the Rocky Mountains (Kershaw, MacKinnon, Pojar) has more pictures than most field guides, including spring/fall and or close ups and general pictures. The start of the wildfowers section has a collage, by color, of all the ones described with page numbers to find larger pictures and read details.

One favorite Rocky Mountains field guide to flowers, trees, fish, birds, mammals and more is The National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Rocky Mountain States.(Peter Alden) We also use Rocky Mountain Wildflowers (Mountaineers Books).

Grand Tetons recommended reading has links to on-line bird and mammal field guides, as well as books to buy or check out from the library before the trip

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