Outdoor Club camping trips

From a trip participant’s description of a Yosemite summer trip:

“The night skies were brilliant with stars, as the De Anza students huddled around a campfire and attempted to map the constellations to those in the guide books. On the last night, each student took turns acknowledging the best part of the trip for them. For some, it was the swimming hole; for many, the hike and the views. But each remarked that it was indubitably the company of the strangers-turned-friends that made the adventures worthwhile.”

Our main yearly camping trips are to Yosemite and Grand Teton national parks.

Yosemite summer trip details are at: Tuolumne trip

The Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming trip (most often between summer and fall quarters) details are at: Grand Tetons trip pages index

Yosemite winter trip details are at: Snow Camp

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Carpools are arranged among the students going on the trips, not by the club or the college. For info on how to get/give a ride and links to advice on how to do basic maintenance to get your car ready for a club trip go to Carpool FAQs

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Hiking Advice has hot weather hiking advice, hiking logistics and the answer to the question: When is the best time of day to cross a mountain stream?

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