Yosemite winter photos

Half Dome sunset Jan 31 2004: HalfDomesunsetwithmoon 140 pxl:

A larger copy of the photo below is at:

Yosemite Falls view in February snow and other seasons

Yosemite Falls and snowy meadow feb 4 2008:


yosemite snow laden trees and touch of morning light on cliffs:

yosemite snow camp 2008 Yosemite Falls snowcone and ice on river:

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sign diving from bridge winter:

    “Getting up at dawn on a winter morning and driving around Yosemite in search of photographs is a chilly but wonderful experience. At the close of a snowstorm the trees are frosty white, but soon after the sunlight strikes them the snow falls in glittering cascades”.

– Ansel Adams

Potentially great photography is a big lure for people thinking about going on the De Anza Outdoor Club annual winter Yosemite Snow Camp.

From the Ansel Adams gallery newsletter:

Winter Light

Many people imagine green meadows and bluebird skies when they envision Yosemite, but there is another beautiful side of the park many visitors never get to see.

Sunlight gains interesting colors from the Earth’s atmosphere. As the sun moves lower in the sky, its rays travel through more atmosphere. This is what gives many sunsets their vivid colors.

During the winter months in Yosemite, the sun takes a lower path in the sky, giving daylight golden hues and lending sunsets a spectacular range of oranges, reds, and purples.

Horsetail Fall at sunset is one of Yosemite’s most impressive and elusive scenes. In February the sun’s angle combined with high water flow create a scene which mimics the famous Yosemite “Firefall”, creating an awe-inspiring image with zero environmental impact!

Also, clearing winter storms create veils of mist and an icing of snow on the cliffs. As the sun is emerging, it spotlights the granite walls and creates dramatic contrasts.”

See Snow Camp for details about the current Outdoor Club winter trip.

The Upper Yosemite Fall hike is the place to take this photo:

rainbow and hikers upper Yosemite Fall.:


Some great pictures of climbing as well as beginning and advanced photo tips for hikers, climbers:



The Yosemite Assn had a page of photo tips from photographer Michael Frye, that included:

November, December, and January are the best months to photograph Half Dome and El Capitan. From late afternoon until sunset, low-angle sunlight highlights the texture on the face of Half Dome. Late in the day, El Capitan is also flushed with warm light.


Where were they when they got that great photograph in Yosemite?

Where can I take a photo that looks like the one on a Yosemite postcard I just bought?

Places to take photos of Half Dome, Bridalveil Fall, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls and Staircase Falls.


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Bridalveil fall winter QTL: forest, cliffs with snow near Vernal Falls QTL: snow along river near El Capitan QTL: