Jackson Hole, Wyoming

One of the major differences between trips to Grand Teton and other national or state parks, is the existence of such a major town so close by. Usually you can’t get to a large grocery easily, but here you can. There are dozens of restaurants, kinds of hotels, specialty gift shops and headquarters for float trips, etc.

Plan to fill your tank whenever you are in Jackson, as the cheapest gas stations are in town and the gas prices get higher the further you go into Grand Teton National Park.

All these are 87 octane:

August 2018: in Jackson, gas at the Maverik was lowest (once you swipe your M’s card and lower the price two cents) $3.23. At Dornan’s’s at Moose (the park headquarters area) gas was $3.59, at Colter Bay $3.80 and Jackson Lake Lodge it was $3.82, Grant Village in Yellowstone $3.59.

August 2017: in Jackson, gas at the Maverik was lowest (once you swipe your M’s card and lower the price two cents). $2.59.9. At Dornan’s’s at Moose (the park headquarters area) gas was $2.79.9, at Colter Bay and Jackson Lake Lodge it was $2.80.9.

Sept. 2016 found the Maverik at $2.39.9, minus 2 cents with your card. At Colter Bay $2.48.9 and at Dornan’s at Moose, $2.59.9. July 2014 found the Maverik in town with $3.75 for mid-grade 87 octane gas (2 cents cheaper with their card) and the stations near Colter Bay and at Jackson Lake Lodge at $4.30.

photo below used with permission from Ron Niebrugge: http://www.wildnatureimages.com/

jackson, wyoming by Ron Niebrugge: a street scene of jackson, wyoming, used with permission from the photographer Ron Niebrugge

The two main streets of Jackson run north/south and east/west as a +.

Parking and traffic gets tighter near the center of the +.

W. Broadway runs to the left of the center of the +, E. Broadway runs to the right.

At the furthest west of this + on W Broadway you will find 22 running north to Wilson. From there, Teton Village is 12 miles northwest of Jackson on the Moose Wilson road (390). The Moose Wilson road can be an alternate (in season, but NOT if there are frequent closures due to mama bears and cubs eating berries . . . or dust abatement . . .or . . . when plans for one way only are in place) route into Grand Teton Park.

At the same intersection, Broadway turns south and becomes highway 89/189/191 heading towards Hoback Junction.

N. Cache, the route to the airport (8 miles north of Jackson on 89) and the main route to Grand Teton Park, runs on the top of the + and S. Cache Street runs from the center of the + on the bottom leg.

Grand Teton Park begins about five miles north of Jackson on Highway 89 (N. Cache). An entrance gate and visitor center is at Moose Junction, 12 miles north. Another entrance is at Moran Junction, about 30 miles north of Jackson. The south entrance of Yellowstone NP is about 60 miles north on U.S. Hwy 89. Old Faithful is about 40 miles further, about 100 miles from Jackson.

At the northeast corner of the center of the + is Town Square with the arches of antlers. The Shoot Out Gang acts out an old west gunfight nightly, except Sunday, 6:15 to about 6:30 p.m. on the southeast corner of the town square. Traffic (pedestrian and vehicle) is worst in the vicinity of the Town Square, so be sure you see the map the Outdoor Club has of alternate routes through town before the trip.


photo below used with permission from Ron Niebrugge: http://www.wildnatureimages.com/

almost aerial of jackson, wyoming by Ron Niebrugge: the city of jackson, wyoming taken from a nearby peak, with the teton range just visible beyond a bluff overlooking the town. used with permission from the photographer, Ron Niebrugge


There is FREE for anyone shuttle, (along with routes you pay for) usually 6 ish a.m. to 10 ish p.m. The route maps are worth printing just for the list of things that are at various stops:





Maps of bikeways in town can be found at: http://www.tetoncountywy.gov/DocumentCenter/View/4157 one bikeway runs all the way into Grand Teton park and thru to Jenny Lake.

As of an article in the Jackson Hole News and Guide, June 2018: bike riders must come to a full stop at stop signs, not just slow down and ride thru intersections as they might do in other western states.

. . . police say the potential ramifications are too great to ignore minor traffic violations.

“The negative consequences for violating the law and the potential of injury is so high that we think $135 is appropriate for a cyclist running a stop sign,” Schultz said. “I would rather have you hate me for giving you a stop sign ticket than have you hate me for not protecting you from yourself and your family hating me for not doing my job and you getting killed.”


Albertson’s, with a Starbucks and a big deli/bakery/produce section is at the corner of 22 coming south from Wilson and the curve of 189/191 as it becomes W. Broadway. 105 Buffalo Way.

A couple of blocks south at Maple is the KMART.

Outdoor Club favorite Jackson Whole Grocer – 1155 south Hwy 89, on the west side of the highway, south of Stelleria and north of flat creek, (the creek, not the road)- 307-733-0450 has a huge bakery, taqueria, pizzeria and sandwich bar plus other ready-to-eat food, large selection of organic and conventional produce/groceries, deli, salad bar, (and of course, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, herbs, vitamins, fair trade coffees). Tesla Supercharge stations.


Smith’s grocery/pharmacy is further south at 1425 S Highway 89 on the west side of the highway at High School road.


The UPS store is at 974 W. Broadway on the south side of W Broadway between Powderhorn and Scott

Stone Drug is a bit south of W Broadway (highway 89/26/191) at Virginian Lane.

Further south on Virginian is the Teton County library (on Virginian near Snow King). It no longer allows out-of-town visitors to have a free library card.

The Ace hardware is on the north side of W. Broadway near Flat Creek.

almost across the street is the Radioshack now named Knobes Electronics, at 490 W Broadway north of Pearl.

At 532 North Cache Street on the right as you start to leave Jackson going towards Grand Teton National Park is the Wyoming State Information Center with the sod roof. This Jackson Hole Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center at the Elk Refuge has public restrooms, phones for free local calls to that rafting company, restaurant, etc., dozens of free brochures and souvenirs/books/posters for sale.

You can get your fishing license or National Parks pass.

It’s “generally” open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the summer, 9 to 5 in the winter.

According to an article in the Jackson Hole News and Guide, the “Visitor Center … offers maps, books, exhibits and answers to virtually any question… Children can crawl through a bear den and feel velveted antlers. Upstairs there are mounts of bighorn sheep, elk, eagles, wolf and grizzly.”

You can hold your hand up next to the grizzly’s:

grizzly bear paw:

You can take a self-guiding tour and earn a Junior Blue Goose Ranger badge. Ask at the National Elk Refuge (Forest Service) desk in the lobby.

a cloth badge that says Junior Blue Goose ranger, National Elk Refuge, Jackson, Wyoming

“… The center sits on the edge of a Flat Creek marsh on the National Elk Refuge. Visitors can walk out on a deck overlooking the swamp or use a spotting scope to identify duck species. The recorded screech of bugling elk draws people upstairs to a 22-seat television room, where videos on the history, flora and fauna of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are screened continuously.”

St John’s Medical Center (24 hour) is at 625 E. Broadway at Redmond (307) 733-3636. In an emergency in the park, call 911 as usual. For a problem you can’t quite handle yourself, but short of an emergency, there is a medical clinic, (307) 543-2514, on the grounds of Jackson Lake Lodge, (usually open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the summer and fall), which is closer to places in the park. To find it, look for the black and white aerial photo at: Jackson Lake Lodge vicinity.

CITY PARKS Dogs are not allowed in city parks.

Mike Yokel Park, 455 East Kelly St, has a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits. Miller Park, between Delony and Gill at 257 West Delony St has a tennis court and a basketball court. Fair Grounds at 351 West Snow King has two first come – first served tennis courts.

The Recreation Center with a gym / lunch hour basketball, a seven lane swimming pool, play pools, spa and one small and one huge spiral slide is at 155 East Gill Avenue. Open swim usually 1 – 7 p.m. +/- (Fees higher for non-residents, lower for seniors.)

4.5 acre Owen Bircher Park (aka Wilson Park) at 5650 West Main street in Wilson, Wyoming, (just west of Jackson on Highway 22, take Wilson Square Road (which becomes West Street/Phelps Ridge Road) north to Main Street), has a sand volleyball court, green open space for pick-up games, and a lighted arena with local equestrians, barrel races, ropers at practice.

Jackson Wyoming skateboard park: one skateboarder at a parkmain bay Jackson Hole skate park: two skaters in skate park14,000 square feet Teton Co./Jackson skatepark, with four grind bays of varying difficulty (hey, bring a helmet/knee and elbow pads) is off Gregory. Take High School Road on the left off Highways 89/191 as they come into town from the south, then turn right on Gregory and between where Berger and Martin come in from the right, make a left on more of a driveway than a road to the skatepark. Hours 8 a.m. to dark when we were last there. (Grand Teton National Park only allows skateboards, roller blades, skates in a few areas like developed campgrounds and the bike pathway.)

Phil Baux Park, at 10 E Snow King and S Cache (at the base of Snow King Mountain) has artificial climbing boulders, (is one of them still the world’s largest artificial boulder?), open to the public for free (except when booked by a group) with built-in hand/foot holds.The main adult sized is 30 feet long at the base and 40 feet wide at the 12 foot high top. Another is kid sized. The park foam footprint was made of preconsumer recycled material.

girl climbing on boulder

The Center for the Arts (dancer’s workshops, recitals, theatre company, art exhibits, classes, touring ballet/bands/choir/dancers/guitarists/pianists/blues/blues rock/funk/jazz/western swing/bluegrass/cowboy balladeer/hootennany/puppeteer/comedy) is at 265 S Cache, 2 blocks south of the town square. http://www.jhcenterforthearts.org/

Restaurants in Grand Teton National Park are non-smoking, most others in Wyoming and Montana allow smoking. There are dozens of restaurants in the town of Jackson. They vary from burgers, Chinese, Mexican, sushi, pasta, Italian, steakhouse to four-stars with “an award-winning wine list”. Most lean towards family or casual atmosphere. Grand Tetons restaurants describes the restaurants in the park and has links to menus of ones in town.

The drive from Colter Bay, (where most of us stay on our summer/fall trips), to the edge of Jackson is about 42 miles. A climbing school warns its customers:
“It is very important that you arrive on time, so please allow enough time for travel from wherever you are staying. Speed limits in the Park are low to protect wildlife and visitors, and rangers ticket offenders regularly. We want your entire experience here to be positive, so please do not speed.”

You can park a big RV downtown here and there in a few major shopping area parking lots, at the Home Ranch Town parking lot at North Cache and E Gill, west of the recreation center or the lot on Milward, south of the Pearl Avenue Post Office and west of the Center For the Arts. Please do notice the MINIMUM size for parking signs, as in, your 19 foot long SUV does not qualify for a parking space reserved for RVs and vehicles towing trailers that are a minimum 20 feet long.

Public Parking: https://www.jacksonwy.gov/230/Public-Parking

Jackson is at longitude W110.8, latitude N43.5.

fog over colors blue and green in a narrow photo strip

Grand Teton National Park Campgrounds:

Gros Ventre campground, 4.5 miles from Gros Ventre junction, is the closest campground to the town of Jackson (9 miles +/- Northeast). Sites vary in size and can accommodate RVs up to 45ft. Thirty-six sites have electricity. Ten are ADA compliant with the adjacent restroom being ADA compliant. It has cottonwood trees and sagebrush along the Gros Ventre river. You might see a moose wander through the campground and sometimes can find one along the river.

(Larger RVs should check out the Colter Bay R.V. park with hookups.)

Jenny Lake campground, a short distance from Jenny Lake, 49 sites, tents only, one vehicle only less than 14 feet long, is the first to fill each day, often early in the morning.

Signal Mountain (86 campsites) is the campground with some sites with views across the lake to the mountains.

Lizard Creek campground also has sites on Jackson Lake, some with views.

Headwaters campground, near the Yellowstone Park border, has 100 trailer sites and 75 tent sites.

Colter Bay campground includes 335 individual campsites (160 tent spots with tent pads), 11 large group campsites (by reservation only), 13 electric sites, and ADA-accessible hookups. None of these campsites are on the lake and none have views. Nearby shower house and laundromat, grocery and restaurants.

a narrow band of sunset clouds

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A sculpture on a roof in Jackson, Wyoming of bears enjoying rafting:

sculpture of bears enjoying rafting