Signal Mountain campground map

a map and campground information:

map of signal mountain campground, Grand Teton National Park.: map with roads, campsites, showers, restaurant, gift shop, picnic area, laundromat

At the upper right hand corner of the map, at the campground entrance next to the Campground Office, there is a shower house and laundromat that can be used, for an extra fee, by anyone, even if they are not camping at the Signal Mountain campground.

The boat rentals, gas station, restaurant and gift shop are in a separate section, north of the campground, accessed from the same exit on the Grand Teton Park (inner park) road. The road to the top of Signal Mountain is south on the Grand Teton Park (inner park) road.

Looking at the map you would think that all the campsites along the shore have great views, and some do,
campsite with lake next to it

but most only have a bit of a view of Jackson Lake and the mountains:

campsite at Signal Mountain: campsite with picnic table and firering, surrounded by trees, lake slightly visible in background

Campsite 51 is on an awkward corner that will have headlights on the tent pad.

Maximum 30 feet for trailers, RVs and motorhomes. (Larger RVs, up to 45 feet, should check out Gros Ventre campground, or the Colter Bay R.V. park with hookups.)

Notice that some sites, not just for motorhomes, have electric hookups and are more expensive. As of 2017, Signal Mountain Campground has “one site with full hook-ups and 24 sites with electric hookups, vehicles size limited to 30 feet.” In 2019 the website only mentioned electric hookup sites and standard sites.

It is faster from almost every campsite loop to walk to the amphitheater for a ranger program/campfire program than to drive and try to find parking.

From the website in April 2019: “Public Coin-Operated Private Showers: $6.00 Open Daily: 7:00 AM Last Shower: 10:30 PM” There are 11 pay showers with a sink in spacious, individual rooms and a small laundromat (11 washers and 11 dryers, plus a tub to wash waders) in buildings near the campground entrance next to the campground office. In 2017 the Signal Mountain laundromat charged much more than the one at Colter Bay.

This sign has been at the Signal Mountain boat launch:

sign says black bear with cubs frequenting this beach

It is wise in all the campgrounds that along with placing your camping permit on your campsite post, that you leave a non-valuable item to show that your site is occupied.

sign be bear aware tetons:


There is free WiFi available at the Colter Bay laundromat, the Moose Visitor Center and in the Jackson Lake Lodge parlor that anyone can use without a secret code.

There are public showers, laundromat, a museum, picnic area with lake side swim beach, larger grocery/gift stores, marina, visitor center, Ranger talk/campfire amphitheater at Colter Bay, 9.5 miles north: Colter Bay, Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake Campground is the one that fills first. It is tent only. map of Jenny Lake campground, Grand Teton National park

Headwaters Campground at Flagg Ranch, near the Yellowstone Park border, has 100 trailer sites and 75 tent sites.

Gros Ventre Campground is the closest campground to the town of Jackson (9 miles +/- Northeast) with 300 individual campsites and 5 large group sites. They vary in size and can accommodate RVs up to 45ft. There are two loop areas that do not allow generators and one loop that only allows tents. Thirty-six sites have electricity. Ten are ADA compliant with the adjacent restroom being ADA compliant.

Lizard Creek campground also has sites on Jackson Lake, some with views.

NASA aerial photo of Teton Range

You can download a Grand Teton National Park map at:

For details about our next club trip to Grand Teton National Park, go to: Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons trip pages index has brief descriptions of most of the pages about this trip.

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Peaks restaurant at Signal Mountain Lodge
and the lodge itself, with a gas station and gift shop is near the campground Grand Tetons hotels, cabins, lodging

During a thunderstorm, don’t take a shower or use a sink, including washing dishes. Don’t talk on a land line phone. Don’t use your I pod. Don’t get zapped! Please read Thunderstorm and lightning safety


NPS photo biking multi-use path: various cyclists on pathway with mountains in backgroundIt is safer to enjoy a bike ride on a designated bike/roller blade/walk path like the teton multi-use pathway, than on the road/highway with drivers looking at scenery instead of you on your bike, and there is an 8 mile long pathway from South Jenny Lake to the Moose Visitor Center (please walk your bike in the parking lots). The pathway goes all the way into the town of Jackson. Pets (except guide dogs) are prohibited and the pathway is closed from dusk to dawn for wildlife and public safety. Grand Tetons biking


Colter Bay mudflat: How much water is in Jackson Lake (reservoir) right now? Will I be able to launch my boat at the Signal Mountain marina ramp (see the south end of the map above) or will I need to go somewhere else?

Check out the boat ramp link below. Full pool of Jackson Lake (reservoir) is 6769′. The end of the boat ramp at Colter Bay is at 6753′, at the end of the boat ramp at Signal Mountain Lodge is 6737′ and at Leek’s Marina it’s 6735′.

The webpage tells you how high the water level has been on Jackson Lake for the last five days. (Scroll down past the drawing at the top.)